Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Y helo thar!

Well good evening to everyone unfortunate enough to be reading my blog!

By way of introduction my real name is Zak, I am 18 and currently studying networking because I have nothing better to do and being a student means I get cheaper bus tickets. Like most I.T students I have several computers in varying states of warranty void-age and cables/spare parts lying all over the place. Also like *some* I.T students I'm a firm believer in the virtues of open source software and in particular Linux.

At the moment I'm a bit of an Ubuntu boy, however the joy's of virtualization mean that I'm partial to the odd foray into whatever distributions arrive on my 'Linux User' cover disc each month. I am by no means a 'guru' or expert on any particular topic, I'm just a weirdo who deliberately uses a non-mainstream operating system and attempts to help newcomers to the scene to use it as well.

At the time of writing, I have several tutorials (videos included) that I will be posting to Youtube and embedding within posts on this blog, as soon as my monthly download/upload cap has rolled over (22/1/11). Until then expect a few odds and ends beginning with a 'Converting from Windows' guide that (hopefully) covers the main points concerning ex-Windows users.

Of course feel free to pester me with your suggestions and requests as my imagination is sorely limited (being an I.T student and all).

Thanks for reading this far and I hope at least 1 of you enjoys this blog!

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